Online Contact Lenses Rebates: Save Money!

We are living in an optical utopia. All one has to do is take a quick glance in a shopping mall or down a city street to realize that there are more glassless faces than ever before. The advent of contact lenses has completely revamped the average American face within the past decade. More kids are smiling, more adults are gaining confidence in how they look, and finally, more wallets are being opened up. There had to be a catch, right? In this new and exciting age of cosmetic breakthroughs, there is a real premium being put on utilizing many of these fantastic innovations. With some daily disposables costing as much as $50 per box with 8 boxes adding up to an annual supply, it is fairly expensive to retain the mystique of flawless vision. However, many contact lens manufacturers have made life a bit easier for those of us that have grown dependent on our contacts. This can be seen in the form of the online rebate.




Bausch and Lomb, Coopervision, and Acuvue have each taken steps to enhance their customer satisfaction by issuing unique online rebates for wearers of contact lenses. One of the common rebates to be found on these sites is $30 off for the purchase of 8 boxes. With some of these rebates saving as much as 10% of the total yearly cost of contacts, they are certainly worth checking out. Other frequent rebates to be found include: $50 off 4 boxes and $20 off for two boxes. Acuvue offers a special new wearer rebate where you can save $100 when you purchase 8 boxes of their OASYS brand if you are first time customer. Coopervision even offers a unique rebate where they give you $25 off your lens fitting if you are a first time customer. Many of these rebates apply strictly for brand name contact lenses such as: SOFLENS, PUREVISION, BIOFINITY, PROCLEAR, BIOMEDICS, VERTEX, and OASYS.


One important thing to keep in mind when exploring different online rebates is the specific policies that pertain to each contact lens manufacturer. For instance, if you are looking at BIOFINITY or VERTEX (Coopervision brands) your receipts must all be from the same practitioner or location. This makes it difficult to switch opticians to be eligible for certain online rebates, especially annual ones. Coopervision also excludes customers from filling an order at Wal-Mart or Sam's Club in order to take advantage of an online rebate. On the other hand, Acuvue will provide a refund in full for any customer not satisfied with their lenses provided action is taken within 90 days. It is also important to note that Bausch and Lomb require the submission of a special code to qualify for the rebate. On a larger scale, submissions for rebates typically have to be post marked within 60 days of the original purchase for each of these companies. Use this information for contact lens online rebates well and make sure to maximize your savings!

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